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Our Manifesto

The ingenuity, endeavour and resoluteness of our ancestors

are undeniable - sadly, it is largely hidden from us.

Human history has for too long been told through Eurocentric

eyes with the rest of the world on the periphery of what is

essentially an imperialist epic.

The colonists usually say that it was they who brought us into history: today we show that this is not so. They made us leave history, our history, to follow them, right at the back, to follow the progress of their history. 


Amilcar Cabral

Conventional historical teaching has not only neglected our story,

but it has distorted and mistreated our past, warping our

perceptions of our place in this world and our impact on it.

Children learn this in their schools, becoming adults who 

perpetuate this message throughout society. It seeps into popular culture and we are inundated with the idea that we have no history,

or at least no history worth discussing or celebrating.

Here we hope to go a little way in reframing this idea of history and

in particular the idea of the black man and black woman in history.

A history that is so much more than just slavery, colonialism

and other atrocities committed against our people.

A history rich in diversity, dignity and distinction

- it is time for us all to Learn Our History.

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